Monday, November 26, 2007

Glory day @ ASEAN Varsity Boat Race 07!

champion rowing women coxed 4

all in hepi mood... =)
1st line in front from left: rachel, yunn, carol
2nd line from left: yatz, daus, edy, sir, odi, sidah, christine, wiwit
3rd line from left: lal, ejon, chek, farid, teo, huda, syahida
last row: lee, tan, faiz

we are the champ!

at last we've got our first GOLD medal. congratz to our women 4+ crew. to men 4+ crew dun be so sad. try again next time @ Varsity Boat Race mybe on next January. anyway congratz n thanks to all rowers yang get invovle in this ASEAN Varsity Boat Race...good luck for the next game! to rachel, yunn, carol, faiz thanks for ur support n not forgeting best of luck to our capt edy. =)

full result for ASEAN Varsity Boat Race 2007

M4+ : we have no luck, losing at semi final.

W4+: we're the champion!
USM ASEAN Varsity Boat Race 07 crew:
coach jefri
manager: wiwit
1. Chek
2. Edy
3. Teo
4. Daus
5. Farid
1. Christine
2. Yatz
3. Huda
4. Odi
5. Sidah
sub n supporters helpers n reporters...
1. Lan
2. Tan
3. Lee
4. Ejon
5. Syahida
6. Pakcik mail
7. Rachel
8. Yunn
9. Carol
10. Faiz

Congratz n thanks to all...and not forgeting to our roti canai song!hehehe...

(more pic will be upload soon)

Friday, November 23, 2007

ASEAN Varsity Boat Race 07 day 1

Day 1...

heat b (Full Result)
1. USM
2. UiTM
3. UIA
4. UUM

heat B (Full Result)
1. USM
3. Cant remember... but Uitm i think

we are going to the semi final on saturday...

welcome dinner last nite at PICC...

how to row part 1

dun be too lazy.. go to and search for rowing..then learn how to row from that video.

Monday, November 12, 2007

ASEAN Varsity Boat Race 2007

ASEAN Varsity Boat Race 2007
Water Sports Complex, Putrajaya, Malaysia
20-25 Nov 2007

List Name for USM
1. Edy (capt)
2. Chek
3. Daus
4. Teo
5. Farid
6. Lal
7. Tan
8. Lee

1. Odi (capt)
2. Christine
3. Yatz
4. Huda
5. Sidah
6. Wiwit (team manager)
7. Ejon
8. Ina
9. New rower (cant remember her name)

Coach Jeffri

Wishing u all Best of Luck! try ur best to get our 1st gold medal.
we'll be support u all even from far far away...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tribute to our ex-rowers!

ni la game paling sengal skali kitorg join.huhu..

die ni kalu da menyanyi kt bas sampai pagi bsok pon belum tentu die berenti nyanyi..haha...

1st regatta usm-um

Jon Apis n Jon Faiz tgh share bace pe ntah! serius je muke apis.haha

Uniten Rowing Invitation 2006. en mus posing maut.tau r org tgh dok candid die.haha

MASUM 2006

Jason wit our ex-capt Fariz. ni pengaruh cite jeki chan r ni.

Aksi kami di Uniten Rowing Invitation 2007

Bersama coach jefri

M 4- dengan pingat gangsa mereka

Gadis-gadis 4- bersama coach jefri

Gadis-gadis 4+

Ini pingat kami


W4+ PeRaK, W4- PeRaK, M4+ nO 4, M4- gANGSA..coNgRatz.....kiTorg SeMpAt tRaininG 1 Hr jE...Ok lA Gak...Tp kAlO Kt tRnG LbEh kAt bOt....sureLg bAeK RsLt kT...(amik dari group kat friendster)

tentang kami...


Kejohanan Sukan MASUM 2006 – 1 perak (W4+)
MPPP Indocafe e-row Championship 2006 – kedua (ladies varsity relay)
UNITEN Rowing Invitation 2006 – 1 gangsa (W4+)
Varsity Boat Race 2006 – 1 perak (M4+), 1 gangsa (W4+)
Regatta Rowing USM-UM 2006 – 2 perak (M8+, W8+)
Kejohanan Sukan MASUM 2007 – 4 perak (M4+, M8+, W4+, W4-), 2 gangsa (M4-, W8+)
UNITEN Rowing Invitation 2007 – 2 perak (W4+, W4-), 1 gangsa (M4-), keempat (M4+)
MPPP e-row close championship 2007 - 1 emas (ladies relay open) 1perak (ladies single open)

apa itu rowing?

link di bawah ni boleh menjawab persoalan korang. plz dun be shy 2 klik on dat link k.
but i'll tell u a lil bit bout rowing b4 u klik on dat link. rowing is more than just a sport. rowing builds ur physical fitness, trains ur concentration, teamworks and togetherness.


hello! ini adalah introduksi bagi laman blog ini...

ini adalah laman blog tidak rasmi n mungkin juga laman rasmi bagi University Science Malaysia rowing team or we called ourself as minden sharks rowing team. i am doing this blog is 2 promote rowing sport to all usm students since many of them really don't know bout this sport. so enjoy ur ride here! n i hope dat someday rowing would be the major sport in USM. n i wanna see our USM minden sharks rowing team will be the best univ in rowing arena in d future.